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Driving In Long Wood Screws

PROBLEM: While driving in long 2,4, 6 inch wood screws they go about half way in, stop, and then you begin to round of the screw head and wear out your driver bit!

SOLUTION: A simple bar of soap! Take each screw and rub the threads across the edge of the bar of soap. This helps lubricate the threads, and watch em slip right in now!

Clothes Dryer Taking A Long Time To Dry!

PROBLEM: Your clothes dryer seems to have lost its zip. Just not drying cloths as quickly as it use to!

QUICK CHECK: Check the vent duct work by removing the vent pipe and pulling out any accumulated debris from the pipe and duct. Any kinks in the hose, or build up of lint blocking the airflow really effects the drying
time! It’s a 3-minute fix that can save you a $100 visit from the repairman.

Remove a stubborn nut

PROBLEM: A stubborn nut on an old lawnmower or pickup truck refuses to budge.

SOLUTION: The standard tactic since the dawn of the acetylene torch has been to heat the nut until it glows red. When heat alone won’t cut it, touch a candle to the glowing nut. The wax will melt and flow into the threads, acting as a lubricant.

Garbage Disposal Frozen

PROBLEM: The kitchen garbage disposal is frozen.

THINGS TO CHECK: Ninety-five percent of garbage disposals have a reset button on the motor, check to see if pushing the reset dosn’t help. If the motor is humming, is there something lodged in the disposal keeping it
from turning? Usually there is a way on the bottom of the disposal to get in there and manually turn it back and forth. (Usually with an allen wrench) Try manually turning it to see if you can get it to free up before calling the
repairman, or buying a new one.

Painting Job Money Saver

PROBLEM: Your painting job is going to take a few days, or you can only do it on the weekends. You want to save your rollers and brushes without cleaning them.

SOLUTION: Wrap the painting utensils tightly in a plastic zip-lock bag and stick them in the freezer. Once thawed, they’ll be ready to use!
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